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BA Theater Studies, Korea National University of Arts


Future Theater, Immersive Theater, Audience Experience, Aesthetics

Jinkyung Her aims for uncompleted theater, where the audience holds the key to completion. That is, she pursues performing arts in which the audience actively participates so the process changes according to the audience's action. She wants to study the audience's experience as they interact in these performances. For example, she tries to explore the sensations that audiences feel while interacting with actors or other audience members, with the space and environment that make up the performance, and with the medium such as technology.


Her main concern is expandability. What she expects from the combination of technological medium and performing arts is the expansion of the theater space, the expansion of the audience experience, and the expansion of the audience's body.


Continuing to question what the future of theater is, she wants to incorporate new media and methods into the performing arts. Through this, she ultimately hopes to expand the horizons of aesthetics in performing arts.

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Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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