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2019 BFA Sculpture, Hongik University 


XR, New Media Art, HCI

Yeeun Han is a master's student, serving as a dedicated researcher within the TX Creative Media Lab at KAIST. Her primary research interest is designing daily and artistic experiences for users in virtual spaces. With an educational background in sculpture, Yeeun has evolved into a multidisciplinary professional, gaining industry experience as a graphic artist, where she designed and produced 3D virtual environments for gaming.

Currently, Yeeun is deeply involved in research focused on the design of data sculptures. These are generated based on EEG data and situated within virtual spaces. Moreover, she is committed to enriching user experiences by expanding interactions within virtual environments to include multi-sensory elements like touch, hearing, and vision.

In her creative portfolio, Yeeun has produced works such as installation pieces using digital drawings and experimental VR games. These have been showcased in both individual and group exhibitions. Additionally, she created a virtual reality documentary that offers unique perspectives on urban regeneration areas in Wonju, Gangwon-do. This particular work was recognized and featured at the BIFAN (Buchon Fantastic International Film Festival).

Yeeun's work aims to design both daily and artistic experiences for users and stands at the intersection of technology, art, and human-computer interaction. She is actively contributing to new methodologies that will advance the fields she operates within.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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