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The TX Lab, Total Experience Creative Media Lab, led by Professor Dr. Jinjoon Lee, an artist and scholar, embodies two modes of operations: that of an artist studio and that of a technology lab.



The TX creative media lab explores in-between spaces, that aren’t anywhere but exist somewhere. Since every linear life goes through essential passages, such as birth or death, the TX lab captures these in-between moments from personal journeys and expands those historical experiences universally relatable through media and technology. By blurring the boundaries between the individual and collective experiences, the lab delves into the borderline of overlapping worlds : gardens, nature and manufactured city, one culture to another, reality and virtuality, analog and digital. Moving between multiple worlds, the TX lab creatively utilizes technology - which shifts us to liminal spaces and complicates our experiences -to explore multiple senses and condense them into a single experience.

‘TX’ represents ‘Total Experience’, implying that the lab explores our all-encompassing encounters in the technology-driven era, where we navigate intricate webs of information using our five physical senses. The lab investigates Data-Driven Design methodologies, including Data Visualization, Data Sonification, and Data Sculptures, to transform both mental and physical experiences with the environment into data. Through these methodologies, the TX lab also focuses on digital heritage, preserving Korea’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage based on ethnographic research. The lab is now looking forward to create the Future Opera, a performance appearing total experiences and multiple relationships on a single stage, in a moment.





TX GOLD (#FAAF11) & KAIST BLUE(#11448D) & OXFORD BLUE (#002147)

The ‘X’ in Total X (TX) refers to an unknown variable beyond experience, left undefined, symbolizing ambiguity. New media artists within the lab are divided into three creative groups, linked up throughout their expedition of the unknown.

The first is the creator group, responsible for designing and visualizing the experience using new media mediums. The second is the creative technology group, which provides the necessary technical foundation for the artwork. Lastly, the critical humanity group focuses on identifying aesthetics in the work based on humanistic and philosophical insights, wrapping up through papers.


Throughout their collaboration, the TX lab relocates to a new space, while maintaining the awareness of the space from which they originated. Living in an era characterized by rapid technological and AI advancements, where the in-between space is shrinking and human multi-senses are diminishing, the lab persists in its quest to find the elusive presence through nowhere in somewhere.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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