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We welcome inquiries from interested students, colleagues, and potential collaborators.
If you have any questions about TX Lab, email us.

TX Lab explores the liminal space of the future based on immateriality such as sound and light. In particular, we are conducting research on Total Experiences in art, architecture, design, and future opera using new technologies such as data, XR, and AI.


Recently, we are looking for people to collaborate on research on future performances using technologies such as XR and AI, architecture in real and virtual space, and art research using AI.

  • Art History, Criticism, Curatorial Practice major / Curator or Art Critic

  • Performance major/experienced person with experience in performance planning and directing

  • Architecture and interior design major/experienced person, who wants to study virtual space architecture, kinetic architecture, and algorithmic architecture

  • AI major/experienced person, who is interested in art


For KAIST GSCT applicants, please send an e-mail with attachments such as Cover letter, CV, Portfolio, etc.

TX Lab recruits applicants through an additional process separate from the department’s admissions process.

  1. TX Lab receives your CV, cover letter, and portfolio via Email.

  2. If the content sent through the e-mail fits our current open position, we will send you a list of 100 questions and a skill level table for you to fill out in two weeks.

  3. After receiving those filled-out materials we will conduct an interview for shortlisted applicants.

For each step, only suitable applicants will receive a response within two weeks.

The process up to and including the interview is essential for joining the TX Lab.

(E-mail is only for prior contact and the admission process is separate.)

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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