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BFA Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design


Extended Reality, Virtual identity, Sculpture

Daniel Cha benefited from living in different countries, meeting people from a range of backgrounds, and gaining exposure to diverse walks of life. He spent his childhood in Seoul, Dubai, Toronto, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio from the states. Before starting college, he spent three years searching for a direction, and met different people from jobs, academic institutions, activities and travelling. These kinds of experiences made him to appreciate that everyone – regardless of origin – has their own story.


After years spent wandering, he enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design. He learned diverse range of experimental working methods, and constructive critique in relation to art history and current social trends. Upon graduation, he was invited to exhibit his work at the Senior Invitation Show. He also received the Jacob Riley Wasserman Memorial Award. 


After graduation he opted to move to NYC, where he worked as an art fabricator. During the pandemic, he observed how physically disconnected society interacted with each other online.

He developed an interest in various new technologies, including extended Reality and artificial intelligence. He worked as a designer at a startup that incorporates AI technologies to create artificial models.


As an emerging artist, Daniel explores his own identity through self-reflection, drawing from various experiences he has encountered. From a Korean perspective, he seeks to continue the East Asian artistic spirit in a contemporary manner. As an Asian American, he is attuned to struggles minorities face every day. As a nomad raised in foreign countries who learned how to respect varying perspectives, he projects his experience and thoughts with an objective observer's attitude. He is passionate about the interplay between history, culture, technology, and craftsmanship.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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