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2017 MA Curatorial Practices, California College of the Arts
2013 MA East Asian Studies, Stanford University
2010 BA History of Art and Criticism, UC Berkeley


Media and Aesthetics, New Museology and Curatorship, Digital Heritage into Creative Practices 

Mee Yung (Mia) is a researcher, writer, and exhibition-maker who has been dedicated to critical writings and artistic productions that explore the relations of material-immaterial, organic-mechanic, and past-present in an ontological sense. Her work finds its nexus at the intersection of media art, digital heritage, and humanities. In her recent endeavor, she has led a research within the team which critically analyses the ways in which technologies mediate natural and cultural heritages, with a particular focus on media art that integrates data visualization, sonification, virtual space, spatial audio, and artificial intelligence. Her practices, which observe and reinterpret the evolving status of traditions in the face of new technologies, seek to illuminate the trajectory we are currently on and the meaning of the "spirit" in our journey. 

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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