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2022 MA University of the Arts Berlin, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
2018 Completed MSc Lectures, University of Edinburgh, Acoustics and Music Technology
2017 MA Goldsmiths University of London, Computational Arts
2016 Postgraduate Diploma, Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Sonology
2009 BA The Ohio State University, Economics/Music


Sonic Philosophy, Digital Aesthetics, Audiovisual Art,

Algorithmic Composition, Generative Art, AI Art, Posthuman

Philip Liu is an artist working with sound and digital media. His artistic praxis and theoretical explorations offer a profound insight into the implications of structural transformations within the realms of auditory, visual, and digital culture, encompassing the evolution of emergent aesthetic paradigms.


When it comes to creating artistic practices, he revels in the inventive application of digital techniques, deploying them in remarkably unconventional ways. This repertoire includes the domains of audio signal processing, data sonification, audio visualization, artificial intelligence, interaction design, and generative pattern design.  Conceptually, he diligently aligns himself with the ideologies of revolutionary philosophers who have delved into subjects such as temporality, de-centralization, human perception, and the ontological status of all the phenomena and objects surrounding us.

He pursues harmonizing conceptual frameworks with artistic practice and, as a result, struggles to convey his message nonverbally through time-based media. He has presented his works internationally in galleries, residency programs, art platforms, festivals, and conferences, including Akademie der Künste (DE), Seoul Art and Tech Festival (KR), EMS Stockholm (SE), Asia Culture Center (KR), Platform-L Gallery (KR), CosMo40 Gallery (KR), International Computer Music Conference (US), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (US), BEaSTFEAST (UK), and so on.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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