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2018 BFA Department of Printmaking, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University


New Media Art, XR, Visual Arts

Seungmin Lee is a researcher at KAIST's TX Creative Media Lab, and a graduate student. Her recent focus has been on exploring the interactions between humans, nature, and technology.

Her academic foundation lies in the field of fine arts, particularly printmaking. Through this training, she acquired the precision and craftsmanship required for image creation. However, it also sparked her curiosity in the beauty of accidental creations within the creative process. Due to this curiosity, she expanded her horizons beyond traditional art mediums into the realm of video art. Her experiences in the video industry further emphasized the importance of research in media art.

Collaborating with colleagues, she embarked on projects that aimed to integrate various forms of media. she used physical scanning data to create immersive experiences bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Furthermore, she delved into the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), working on a project that went beyond the physical attributes of secondhand books to archive the memories contained within them.

Presently, her research is centered around connecting complex natural data with human multimodal biometric information. Her goal is to confront media not as a mere tool, but as a living entity that visualizes the connections formed by data. Ultimately, she hopes that with Light Medium, individuals can experience firsthand the weight of the connections created by data.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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