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2021 BFA Seoul Institute of the Arts, Digital Arts


New Media Art, Artistic Data Visualization, Technological Sublime

Sungbaek Kim is a master's student at TX Lab, majoring in media art. He possesses a wealth of experience in various artistic expressions grounded in technology. He perceives and approaches media art as a form of expression in Science Fiction(Sci-Fi) utilizing science and technology, thereby unfolding futuristic imaginations beyond anthropocentrism into SF works. In particular, he delves into the increase in density of context through artistic data visualization. Furthermore, he aspires to research the boundaries between artificiality and natural, as well as experiences, through the exploration of emergence. Ultimately, he contemplates the role that media art can play in the evolutionary journey of humanity as a species via technology.

He recently held a solo exhibition with a grant from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(2021), selected by ZER01NE residency at Hyundai Motors(2018), won a grand prize from Korea Advertising Awards(2021) and Gwangju Media Art Festival Youth(2020), and exhibited at Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Gallery(2020), Hase29(Osnabrück)(2019), Maker City(L.A)(2018), etc.

Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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