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2022 MS Culture Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)
2019 BS Offshore Plant and Marine Enginnering, Korea Martime and Ocean University(KMOU)


Data Sonification, Mind Scape

I'm a PhD researcher delving into the intersections of new media art and digital technology. My primary focus is on the intricacies of landscape aesthetics and how they can be meaningfully translated into multisensory experiences.

Drawing inspiration from media aesthetics and human-computer interaction (HCI) studies, I aim to capture the evolving definition of 'nature' in our rapidly digitalizing era. The heart of my research seeks to reinterpret this digital nature, offering experiences that resonate with the wonder of the artificial sublime. In collaboration with the TX lab, we delve into the harmonious fusion of art and the latest technological advancements, notably in the sphere of neural networks.

As I delve deeper into this exploration, I draw inspiration from concepts like the East Asian practice of 'borrowing the scenery'. However, my ambition is broader — to extend these age-old aesthetics into modern digital applications. My journey is characterized by perpetual curiosity and a yearning to craft a poetic synergy between the digital and the natural, hoping to offer vital perspectives in our digitally intertwined existence.


Graduate School and Culture Technology at KAIST

Since 2021

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